Monday, 12 May 2014

Three pi boards to get you started.

Its not always who can get the most functions onto an add on board, but what has most potential and learning aspects.

So I decided to list the three that so far this year have impressed me.

3.  The sim pi from cyntech a board that contains a RGB led, buzzer and three button controller which comes with stickers

2.  The fish dish a cheap three LEDs, button and buzzer shaped like a fish with access to the gpio pins. Ideal for those new to soldering and programming

1.  Well what can I say, the more I see the pibrella and what can be done, the more I'm amazed as well as how quick and easy it is to program with simply programming commands.  LEDs, buzzer, nice red button and nothing to solder. Also has extras and could control a robot with its extra pins at the bottom, this is certainly the board you will need this year. 

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