Friday, 16 May 2014

Oxford raspberry jam

Last night was oxford raspberry jam and a first time for me. I have found each raspberry pi jam is different, some you turn up and set you project up on a table and let people have a look, others you explain quickly the project and others that you have to do a presentation.

The oxford one seemed a bit more formal all sitting around like a boardroom table. There was Dave with his robot that he picked up from a car boot sale for £8 that he had programmed to take voice commands and use the wolfram system (like iPhone Siri) to ask questions and have them answered.

Next Alex from was showing his hdmi.pi TV and his add on boards of which I have been playing with and probably my best achievement with arduino so far. I do have a uno but never got anywhere with it.

I was next with my Ryanteck budget robot. I soon realised when I got there I should have brought a router with me but soon managed to get my phone and pi connected to the wifi set up for the event and was able to ssh into it to demo the robot. I also showed off my wildlife cam to.

Alex green brought along his robot with the bigger 4tronix robot board built over a week on a train journey.

There was also a new board project for controlling robots and a huge robot controlled by pi.

The whole event seemed quite relaxed and was interesting to meet people with different expertise and professions yet all had the same hobby and yet as seen with most jams an equal playing field where everyone is always willing to help each other.

Hopefully this event will be at weekends soon, if so that be brilliant as I will be able to attend more.

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