Saturday, 27 October 2012

mega day out

Firstly sorry for not posting in a while it's been hectic with the only big trip out to sussex to do the Leigh valley loop and a few 5/5s that we were passing, one being an excellent one in a tunnel.

Today however we went to the Halloween event in Northamptonshire. Starting the day off early we managed to get twenty caches on the way up including a night cache thanks to my excellent led lenser torch and find a ten pound note floating in the street.

Once at the mega it was a case of downloading the just published caches with my mifi dongle and netbook and adding the caches to the gps s.

The caches were so well thought out that it was impossible to fault any. After getting caught in a bad hail storm that soaked us we still plodded on and later on participated in the excellent night cache series of 14 caches and a cache in a tunnel under the nearby main road where I came across my first live and wild otter. By the time I got my camera phone out it was gone.

Finishing the day on nearly 80 caches and some of the most excellent caches to date. We meet up with friends and like with all caching events made new friends too.

Once again a big thank you to the organisers, it was one excellent day and with mega status too it just shows all the hard work and dedication the team have shown.

Will we go again next year? Silly question really, a big yes from us and once again thank you.