Saturday, 19 July 2014

Atomic Green MyPiFi LED Board

Firstly thank you for purchasing the MyPiFi LED Board.

The gpio pins have changed on the atomic green board compared to all the other colour boards that were prototypes.

Please ensure red is now 11, amber is 13 and green is 21. The button is unchanged on gpio 26

To solder the board start with the header ensuring that the header looks the same as this.

After soldering the header on you can then add the 200 ohm resistors to r1, r2, r3 and r4. It doesn't matter which way round they go as the can be used in both directions.

Then add the LEDs, led 1 is red, led 2 is amber and led 3 is green. Negative goes in top hole closest to gpio pins, positive (longer leg) in the hole furthest away from gpio. If you get this wrong the led will not light.

Next cut the legs off as close to the board as possible.

The button is next, carefully widen the legs so they reach the holes. Cut off the top right leg that goes here.

So it looks like this

This will allow the switch to work, if it's not cut it will not work.  You could cut the leg off prior to soldering which will be easier.

Once soldered plug into the pi and download from git hub the demo scripts ensuring the gpio pins used are correct (11, 13 and 21)

Zachary Igielman has written some great demo scripts to get you started with the MyPiFi LED Board here's details how to get it:

To download:

(sudo apt-get install git-core IF YOU DON'T HAVE GIT INSTALLED)

sudo git clone

Then you will have a folder with all the code (cd, sudo python like usual).

If you want to order more, please look for mypifi led board on eBay or alternatively email me Paul mypifi net adding the at and dot in the spaces and I'll send you a PayPal payment request for the amount you want.

Please tweet your pictures and projects using hashtag #mypifiledboard or post them in the comments for this blog post.

Again many thanks and I hope you enjoy your new budget board.

A YouTube video showing the board in action is available by clicking this link

Update code on git hub now updated to new pin layout

There's also a perl demo by Zak zebrowski

To purchase more kits visit ebay and search mypifi led board


Or Tindie

Demo disco strobe

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