Friday, 16 May 2014

The Ryanteck budget robot adding software

After building the Ryanteck robot in a previous blog  I decided it was now time to add the demo files from Ryanteck.

With a raspbian image on the card I did the following:

Expand card option one on the first ever start up. Then advance menu and lower the gpu usage to 32 and turn on ssh. Lastly choose the option to update. If you need to get back to this in future just open terminal and type sudo raspi-config

Next was to get back to command line and type the following:

Sudo apt-get update
Sudo apt-get upgrade
Sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
Sudo shutdown -r now

The system will now reboot, once rebooted you will need to enter the following command to get the Ryanteck sample files.

This will install everything into a folder called RTK-000-003 where scratch, C, python and other folders will be for the different programming languages will be. As the software progresses and more people contribute I can see this repo being very helpful.

Here is a quick video of my Ryanteck budget robot in action:

Next up will be to add camera to this and have a go with the web interface.

Just a note for anyone controlling it, whilst using the W, S, A, D keys a keyboard is best, but if you are using a touchscreen it will act more like stepper motors due to the fact that touchscreen will only register one touch where as keyboard will register key hold down as many times thus the difference.

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