Sunday, 11 May 2014

Assembly of the Raspioduino board

Alex from raspitv and hdmipi fame has been rather busy.  Not only does he have one of the most successful kick starter projects in history with the hdmipi, but also gpio breakout boards from the basic up to the pro which include on board fuses which I have talked about in a previous blog this month.

Anyway Alex had a gift for me being the new raspio duino which is still in beta stage and looks very promising.

This is the kit laid out us my own headers at the top as I wanted to make this so all points are protected against accidental touches or connections thus protecting it more.

This took me about thirty minutes to build and the pictures below will show this.

The gpio header was first, the chip holder was just the right size to balance the board for a good right angle fix for the gpio header.

Next up was the programming pins and main chip pins, keeping these straight should help in adding arduino add on boards but I'm yet to test this.

Next was to add the capacitors which looked like this.

As you will also see I have added a few extra bits but that didn't stop I decided to add a few more headers to make prototyping easier and an option I hope raspio will look at are the mini breadboards from the pihut which from memory I believe would fit on the remaining space on my prototyping area.

With a new pair of wire cutters you can see how tidy a good pair are in keeping the board looking tidy and clear from accidental shortings.

Now the board is made I will test it out and write up how to program it etc another day.

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