Saturday, 17 May 2014

Sugru best invention since superglue?

I got some sugru this week to try out on some raspberrypi projects.  

Sugru comes in small packets and feels like putty and similar to the putty I used as a kid to make models etc when I used to be into games workshop stuff like space marines and adaptus titanicus however it was spelt.

But this stuff is different it can bounce and absorb shock too, so I decided what can I make with it within the 30 minutes of opening that I can leave over night to form?

First up was some feet formula pitft screen the plastic screws would always stick out so decided to add feet to protect what it stood on and give it some grip.

Next was my robot project that needed to turn a bit more red so carefully used it to model some shape into the robot and add some more red to it.

And with the remaining black sugru I decided to make some nuts for the ir sensors on the bottom like so.

On checking on this a day later it had formed a hard seal and the sensors were going nowhere.

Looks like now I have a contender for the gorilla glue but not so messy.

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