Monday, 12 May 2014

My blog hits 50 (K)

From a small blog I used to write about my geocaching adventures for those days I use to easily get 100+ geocaches each time I cached, I started to then also write about my experiences with the raspberry pi of which has steeply grown.

A time when a hundred views a week was lucky to today where I can have up to a hundred views an hour I have finally hit the 50,000 page view mark.

Along the way I have learnt many stuff with the raspberry pi and have shown many how much fun it can be.  I have written assembly guides to help those who are learning, product reviews of things I've bought and tried to projects I have made.  More recently I've been taken more seriously by the makers of pi add ons and have been extremely lucky that they have considered me to review or try out their merchandise, so a huge big thank you to these people as it's you too who have helped my blog become as successful as it is and hopefully even more over the coming years.

Lastly a big thank you to all my followers and those who comment it really gives me the motivation to write them up. I might not be brilliant with writing or English, yet I feel my own way of writing makes me unique and some what special that makes my blog stand out.

Thank you everyone big smiles all round :)

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