Monday, 27 May 2013

Time lapse with raspberry pi cam

After buying then winning a pi cam I thought I better get to work with it. Thanks to design who had already written a good script I was able to position the cam on the window sill from dusk to dusk taking a picture every ten seconds and over 9gb of pictures.

With mencoder and some terminal typing  I was able to make the pictures into a time lapse which I have uploaded to YouTube with the above link.

My next idea is to take pictures and layer them on top of each other ie time lapse the sky but get to show every vapour trail over say 6 hours.

If you know how I can do that then let me know, can't wait for camping this year.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

2 ftfs

Today I wasn't up for much and when I realised the weather was better than predicted we shot off to do three caches of pebblesandco of which surprisingly we were second to find on the letterbox cache. On our journey up here we were following a suspiciously clean land rover with Tvp plates, it was unmarked but after getting the three caches we bumped into it zooming along the ridgeway, no doubt looking for the bank holiday raves.

Back to wantage and four hundred feet from my house was two new caches, both I thought would have been gone by now but to my suprise two first to finds and one in a place I looked at before; maybe they will start getting a bit more adventurist and extreme ;)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Great Cotswold Walk

Out today doing the gcw series 135 caches but due to frodos age we could only do two of the loops and had to leave three loops for another day.

The weather was nice and caches all easy to find with muggles here and there and lots of nice dips in the river for frodo.

15.5 miles was covered and we even managed a respectable average speed of 2.7 mph

Near the end we came across a dead deer by the cache and it stunk. 

Just a few short of 90 and now very tired.

A big thank you to the cache owner for a great huge series that must have involved quite a bit of time and expense, again thank you for a wonderful day.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

May the force be with you

It's international Star Wars day today, may 4th.

There was two caching events today local to me, a flash mob which I didn't attend as I wasn't up to running around with light sabers and a pub event afterwards which I turned up for to drop off a load of trackables that I picked up a few days ago in Leicestershire from various tb hotels.

Although my orders were to rest I couldn't resist as I wanted to get these tb s moved. It was nice to see so many faces many that I knew till one appeared the one who has caused me a lot of hassle todate in the caching scene, my chest started to tighten and I realised I better just go as I don't fancy going back to hospital just yet and don't need any form of stress no matter how nice they appear to everyone else. So apart from one person ruining it for me the event looked great so well done to the organisers.

So sorry I didn't stay long but nice to see everyone, hope the trackables I dropped off get moving soon and hopefully when I'm much better I will stay longer.

As I feel in a good mood anyone who attended and is looking for a hint for my it's all about the numbers cache, I will get you started look for invisible text in my profile ;) oh and try solving a line or two before giving up there is a red herring near the start to put people off mawhahaha .

But don't tell anyone I have posted a hint here as its only for those who could be bothered to read my blog.

Heart attack???

Thursday night I came down with huge chest pains, after a few hours I decided to go sleep it off but the pain got worse and worse. After my partner spoke to nhs direct on their new number 111 we ended up within minutes receiving a fast responder, then a paramedic before the ambulance arrived. All through this I was hooked up to a ECG, blood pressure, various blood samples and drugs issued including aspirin, paracetamol and a spray on the tongue to open up my blood vessels to move any clots through. Before I knew it I was on my way to hospital with a great crew from the south central ambulance service. It amazes me how these people do their jobs, they get all sorts of abuse and physical violence just in the line of trying to help people. The journey soon showed us the amount of pot holes on our roads. I knew exactly where we were up to the a420 from road curves etc, but the a420 had been shut so we had to backtrack and join the a34 so from this point I lost my co ordination. Even when we were told we were crossing donnington bridge I couldn't figure out where I was again till we got closer to the jr and I started to figure out where we were again.

Once in hospital I had to take all the ECG pads off and new ones put on as the ambulance service use one sort and the hospital another.

Watching the ECG in hospital I soon figured out all the lines and graphs and found that I kept setting off the alarm due to my low breathing rate. But everything else was fine with 69 bpm rr 8-20 depending how restful I was and O2 at 95% so nothing seemed wrong on this.

Next was another blood test and drip thing put into my arm then later a chest X-ray where I had to remove the ECG pads. Back on the ward more ECG pads put on me before later being moved down to another ward and having to remove the ECG pads for different ones and later another blood test to see if I had any damage to my heart. It turns out that there was no enzymes associated with heart attacks in the sample so I was free to eventually go. Now this scares me more as they not been able to identify the cause, just ruling out a heart attack.

So I spent the day in and out of consciousness watching retro tv on Netflix but feel very sore, having 50+ ECG pads stuck and removed from you has bruised my chest.

Today I took the dog out but found a short .5 mile walk to end up rather tough on my chest, to think I did 9 miles the other day without a thought. So looks like I'm going to have to rest a bit more so much for a weekend of caching:(