Monday, 3 September 2012

weekend caching

We spent the weekend in Weymouth a place that seems to have a cache every 528ft

After solving all the Olympic rings we decided to hit Weymouth to get them. While we had plenty of dnf s on caches we focused out time on the Olympic series as that was what we were aiming for, getting all the clues for the bonus's.

While we solved them all we hit a brick wall with red bonus 5 and the bonus bonus. The red bonus involves a 5 mile hike or you can drive to a carpark less than 528ft from the cache and pay a huge parking fee for the priviledge which we refused which then meant we couldn't get the bonus bonus either which was a shame.

The series took us to some great locations around Weymouth that most tourists know nothing about and took us on some nice walks. There were a couple of caches I would question as being placed within guidelines, but there was some excellent ideas too.

All in all we enjoyed the whole series and the weather after a windy first night with a power cut to the whole of Weymouth turned out to be a great weekend both weather wise and caching plus time to do other things.