Friday, 2 May 2014

Raspio breakout board assembly guide

Raspio from cyntech is a breakout board that comes in three types. There is the entrance keyring size that fits over your gpio pins, the breakout board that's the size of the pro and the pro which is the only one to have protection fuses built into the board.

Keyring breakout alt gpio pin side

 Gpio pin side.

The keyring one not only fits over your gpio pins but you could on theory solder it to an extra long gpio header but would lose the ability to swap over sides.

Anyway back to the tutorial, first get all the components out as the solder iron heats up.

First I want to solder the gpio header to the middle.

And underneath:

As you can see the protection fuses come already soldered.

Next upwas the inner breakout pins, once in place I flipped it over and used tweezers to slightly adjust the angle so it sat correct before soldering.

Next wasthe outer pins, these pretty much stayed in place as I turned the board over but you could use blue tach or putty to keep these in place if they move.

After about 15 minutes from the start I was left with the finished product as per next picture.

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