Wednesday, 14 May 2014

How to put raspbian onto an sd card

It's really simpler than it looks, you will need an 8gb sd card class 4 min class 10 best. You will also need a USB SDHC card reader as the built in card readers on PC and laptops cannot cope doing the following.

Firstly go to and download the latest copy of raspbian, right click the zip file and choose to extract, this will save with a .img file name.

Next place the card in the USB reader and plug in. You should already have downloaded sdformatter a sd card formatting tool from the people who decide the specs and standards of sd cards. Open it choose options, choose full and format.

Once done close the program and open win32 disk imager a popular program for putting images onto USB and sd cards.

Find the .img and choose the device location, then click write to device.

Once done close the program, take out the sd card and place into the pi, the hardest bit is done.

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