Sunday, 11 January 2015

Home automation with energenie

A long time ago I reviewed the energenie Pi kit consisting of a Pi add on board and two sockets.  Since then I have used ssh to ssh to a Pi to run Amy Mathers Python script that she infamously wrote on work experience at Raspberry Pi Towers.

Now since then I decided to see what else I can do and found a great tutorial and followed it. Using a model a with wifi I have a device that should it go down I can ssh into to restart, but more importantly I can use a web browser and enter the Pi IP address and get buttons to choose what I want.

The problem now is I want more and more of these sockets as the Pi is about to automate my house.

Whilst I've never had a problem with the range, I've added 135mm of wire to the antenna which has a nice little hole to solder some wire to, this will boost the range so I should have no problems hitting anywhere around the house.

Feel free to have a go yourself, a starter kit of one energenie add on board and two sockets starts at £19.99 with additional sockets £10 each or 3 for £20 and the big pack of 4 for £25

Now I'm off to make that tea as the kettle has just finished boiling.

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