Saturday, 24 May 2014

Mypifi back to basic boards

Over the coming weeks I intend to start a kickstarter project for my first pcb board aimed at people with no soldering skills and new to the pi.  The board is also ideal for schools too as it's not expensive, no noisy buzzers and with a button plus three LEDs, makes an ideal small cost efficient teaching tool.

It's a simple 3 led board with a button and if funding is successful will sell them with the bits for a rrp of £9.99 I will do an early bird for those fast enough for £6.99 and if I can secure over a thousand orders will add a stretch goal of a free pcb for each order, just source the parts for the second board yourself.

I already have code on its way and a uk board manufacturer in place for when we are funded.

Once ready to go I will post back and let you all know, just watch and tweet on twitter and follow me @smstextuk

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