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Saturday, 30 March 2013

To imber and beyond

Today was a drive out to imber on Salisbury plain. After returning home five minutes into the journey for the forgotten GPS and avoiding pot holes we were once again on our journey. Up by the ridgeway there was still some snow in the shade which I was surprised to see.

We did some drivebys on the way out before getting to imber as they were setting up the signs for the public.

Frodo met another frodo dog and actually took notice of it.

Now for a walk around the village before the tourists. It was kinda creepy hearing the whistling through the trees and buildings, like a nuclear bomb had gone through the area as the buildings were just bricks with no glass or doors. We saw some ammunition by the side of a building and left it alone.

After a nice walk we got the virtual answers, worked out a puzzle and solved the multi before taking a drive to the other end and then up a gravel road up to two drivebys. Did wonder do speed limits apply on Salisbury plain or on its byways?

There was lots of abandoned tanks on the west side of the plain along with regular patrols and strategically placed patrols to ensure no one trespassed.

We then got the multi a trad and the puzzle which I messed up and soon realised as it pointed to an area I wasn't allowed.

On the way home we got a earth cache and some drivebys along with a nice 2 mile series by roobydoo which started off muddy but got better. Half way round we found two caches at one hmmmm. Never found the bonus, maybe the second cache was that? A few church micros and the day done.

Got home to find my ecig spares had been attempted delivery by post office but as they needed a signature they couldn't leave it, so trip to post office Tuesday.

However knowing a ecig shop had opened in Oxford I took a look at their website to find a new one in Witney and knowing corn street meant parking outside. Got some juice from the friendly staff in vape shop and a new tank as they didn't sell the heat elements on their own and all I was left with was a rather over used tank that now tasted rather burnt.

Once home I had another go at rewicking the burnt atomisers to find they work again, but did get some nice red bull ecig juice and banana flavour that I'm yet to try.

Now it's time to log the caches for me and frodo and get my projects ready for raspberry jam tomorrow in Milton Keynes.