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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Internet up/down

I've never had that much problem with my current Internet provider. I've been with them for nearly 10 years.

Not a big company and not many people have heard of them and usually beats the big name companies on service.

Back in the early days you could phone up and tell them what's wrong and pretty much sorted out there and then. However these days they are turning more and more into a free serve type ISP.

The latest is my Internet keeps dropping, it might be on 1 minute, 5 minutes or even up to an hour before it disconnects. All through they can see the connection lost and reconnects, they have blamed my router for disconnecting as there is no reported issues on the line.

A call to 17070 option two for clear line test shows my line is fine to the human ear, however the sound to noise ratio is sitting between 1 and 9 averaging out at around 4 or 5. The att is around 45 and my connection which is normally 12mbs is anything from 5 to 7 and sometimes 12. The upload which normally is 1.1mbs is now half.

So a quick fire email off to the company that makes the router and now have two of their guys looking into this. They cannot be 100% sure it's not the router but very certain it isn't the router. On sending the screenshots they need I await their response before going back to the ISP.

I've been told the cold and all this wet weather could have an impact on the connection, but surely this would have happened ages ago and not start at the weekend?

Well watch this space I will update as I know more.