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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Swindon way

Out near Swindon today clearing off Hannington and high worth. On the way out we managed to do a bus stop drive by series but as frodo was getting impatient for a walk we went and did the few mile walk first.

This was a lovely walk a great forest on one part with many hidey holes. Half way round frodo found the leg of a baby deer and decided not to let go of it stopping well ahead of me each time to have a munch on it.

On the way back into high worth I had another look at well hidden micro of which kept taking me to the middle of the path whilst google maps to something else. As me a frodo was about to give up we noticed something not in a container and picked it up, it was the new log roll with only one signature within. So we placed it somewhere safe and will let the cache owner know.

Next cache was a find but the rest where dnf s, must have been the fact we didn't have the lucky deers leg. Not settling on an end of day with a dnf we went to letchlade and picked the last one off to end the day with a find and now back in the top 80 of uk cachers.