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Sunday, 10 March 2013

New lambourn series

Saw these come up last night and was going to go for them in the dark but decided I couldn't be bothered so saved them for today.

Sixteen caches in all including a multi and puzzle. It was two degrees when we left and once out at number one the wind chill brought it down to minus eight.

In my car I have various Geocaching equipment and clothing and decided I better put on my camo jacket as its waterproof and takes the wind off you, but hat, gloves and body warmer I left in there but wished I had put on.

As we worked our way round it became evident that even through the ridgeway is restricted to motor vehicles that the local farmer had ripped up the ridgeway. Now don't get me wrong he needs access to his fields etc, but surely the right thing to do is hardcore the track or plough it up and re flatten it instead of all these deep ruts and big puddles everywhere.

It wasn't till we got to number ten that I realised I had missed some letter equal number clues for bonus, by the time we got to fourteen I had given up as I only had three of the six bonus clues and the wind had picked and and was even more cold causing me to eventually to unpack the hood in my dpm camo jacket and put it up to protect my rather cold ears. Still with three clues I plotted the likely place the cache would be and sure enough there it was just hanging there.

This put of the ridgeway I thought I hadn't been along but on the way back there is a sharp left bend going down hill, this brought memories back of when me and a friend mountain biked from chain hill all the way along to white horse hill in the early 90s and how I had just managed to stay on my bike whilst my friend came off. How a lovely summers day to a cold wet and miserable weather of today can change the look of the landscape.

Once back at the car I had to gently rock the car out of the parking spot as it had sunk a bit in the mud, once out I drive for the next half mile leaving muddy tyre tracks on the road and mud still flicking off the car.

A nice walk which will be much better done in summer.