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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Drive by caching

Today the weather looked good and a ton of driveby caches had been released. We looked at doing some then a small walk but as we arrived at the first one the skies went black and down came the rain.

The first one was on the edge of Harwell aera and as I approached the cache could see a forgotten old building in these woods. This followed by a couple more were ftf s for us, in notmal terms it neant first to find, no one else had found them yet so there wasnt any disturbance to point where the cache is.

The next was simple, however the one after it which according to the gps was in a gateway area wasnt there. ok i might have failed to spot it but the area was littered with adult magazines, bottles of yellow liquid (urine) and the smell of public toilets so left it. the next was quick and easy and the one after before rejoining the a34 was another ftf for me and frodo.

Next to the old esso site which is now a hotel and business behind it. ive always thought it be a good place for a cache and now one here with a secluded spit to stop muggles seeing you.

Next just as easy, but then things changed couldn't find next got ftf on the next and left the next as some kids were by it as a football match was on at the school.

As we got near Wantage we decided to get the last driveby of the day being in a layby on the way to great shefford. As I approached it I could see the container looking at me.

So the dnf s today will have to wait for another day.