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Friday, 1 March 2013

Few caches

Not really up for much today so got a few caches, a drive by that has eluded me for a while whilst we were in the area, then to Oxford to get uc19 picture cache which was a nice 3 mile walk. Well it was till we met two dogs on the way back and the pit bull one tried to bite frodo. I kicked out at the dog narrowly missing it for the owner to scream insults at me and to leave her dog alone. She then asked if her dog had attacked frodo to which I said yes and she told it off making me think its done it before. I told her a few polite things including I would be contacting the police to which she asked me not to, this shows to me again that the dog has done it before, just lucky my steel toe cap didn't make contact as it was a good swing at it.

The cache was wet and missing a logbook so I signed me and frodo in on a business card I had and placed that in the cache. We also found another cache we did a couple of years ago that was half filled with water a mushy and black logbook and no trackable as the description said so forwarded off a need maintenance to the owner.

On the way back we got one at Marcham and signed frodo into the other one there to find the same that it needed maintenance as someone has nicked the container.

As we got near home there was a speed trap on a road known for speeding, now I have no problems with this as if you look ahead of yourselves you will see them stood there in hi viz jackets and there was lots of them pulling one car after another, as I always keep to the speed limit especially in built up areas and cos of the cost of fuel I drove by to see one cop give the action with his hands to not catching me, now this has annoyed me. Surely they are there to prevent speeding as all money raised goes to the treasury or do they have to catch x number a day or have some sort of bonus system? Answers on a postcard.

Anyhow it reminded me I had a broken radar detector that needed a new windscreen mount that had shattered into pieces back in the winter and I had a spare visor mount so with a small drill head I drilled through the mount so I could screw it to the window bracket that had broken and yes it's working. I know that by the time it lets you know you been caught but the times it's caught the scatter and made me check my speed (to which I was already at the correct speed) is certainly a safety point.

Maybe it should be included on dangerous roads where it sends out a random beam at the cars and those fitted will slow down? Surely it be cheaper than speed guns and more mobile? Maybe it's a raspberry pi project to look at?