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Monday, 4 March 2013

Geolympixs series and drivebys

Today we spent the afternoon out doing some Geocaching. The weather wasn't cold but not hot, it was nice. The sun was out as we attempt one of the last two series left and on the way out got a couple of drive by geocaches at the side of the road before ending the day doing the same. We even got one thanks to footloose that I kept dnfing (did not find) who spotted it straight away.

The series was nice, just one huge hill at the start after walking along a partially flooded road, but once on the tracks they were relatively dry with some nice scenic views.

We kept finding advertising for someone's book so on behalf of the owner I removed them as he likes he caches to be maintained but usually by his friends when they do the caches.

We also did plenty of snail mail caches which were fake snails stuck to mail boxes.

On the way home I needed to get 50 litres of fuel as the fuel light came on 30 miles from home. Now many know my car needs a minimuim of 98 Ron to run well, 95 Ron which is normal unleaded seems to make it sluggish and trip into limp mode and the mpg fall to that of a 4x4. However 99 Ron which is 2 Ron higher than normal super unleaded seems to do the trick so it was either shell or tesco s for fuel choosing tescos as its only 5p a litre more than unleaded whilst shell is 7p more and currently 2p a litre more than tescos being about £4 difference.

Now I'm not one to worry about fuel prices but 5 or 6 years ago petrol was half the price it is now. Ok taxes have gone up on it in that time but recent figures have shown that sales are actually dropping by a billion litres a month. So at current calculations that's 12 billion per Annum and 85% of the fuel price is tax at a rough figure of £1.20 loosing the treasury 14.4 billion a year. It's this one thing aka fuel costs that governs everything in this country from shop prices, parcel delivery charges to how much money we have in our pockets each month. Surely by removing the current fuel tax to just cat plus vat (cap tax at 40%) this would at a rough calculation bring fuel prices down to about 70p a litre and then bring shop prices down, lowering inflation, put more money into the everyday joe bloggs picket meaning he and the family can go out for a nice meal each month and buy extra stuff each month which would in turn create more jobs, less people unemployed more people with disposable incomes who then spend and surely the amount of money lost on fuel tax cuts would be made back easily with money being brought in with vat? Surely it's a win/win situation?

Maybe I should run for prime minister lol