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Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Down Basingstoke way today to pick off the rest of a loop I started a couple of years ago and some more. So off to woot ton st Lawrence where there was a nice church to park by and on with caching.

We had already done well with some drive bys on the way over and a little way in we bumped into a cacher called misty&mike or at least I think that was his caching name.

As we worked around we did keep going off route to pick the odd one or two up and noticed that its been the first time since last summer that we have been out caching in t shirt as it was a rather tropical 15c and now home my face is letting me know its had a bit of sun.

We got to watch two farmers, as one had finished ploughing and sowing another then went in with another tractor to spread some grey stuff over the field. We only dnf d one as it was where the farmers were so didn't want to draw attention and could see Hannington transmission mast and Basingstoke from various vantage points.

In all we walked about 8 miles in 3 hours and was even planning another route but decided not to and now glad we didn't. Then it was off home with a few driveby caches to do. The car certainly enjoyed itself an average 44mpg on way out 42mpg on most of way back which settled to 38mpg as I cleared the engine out on the way home (keeping to speed limits of course).

I really should start logging this weeks caches but at moment cannot be bothered to dig out my laptop which I can upload all in one hit with. It's not just me I have to log but frodo s as well as he had given me great company this week on my week off from work.

Oh we saw some alpacas too here are some pics.