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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

By way series and meet

Had time today to log all my recent caches, forgot how many I had saved up, but thank god for blogger as I can keep up to date on what I've been up to on here.

After getting a new letterbox cache today we headed over to near Swindon to get the rest of a bi way series before coming home and uploading all the caches.
Later on in the evening I got some more including the new a34 cache and some more of the series I started last summer and to the Bicester and district geocache meet where there was about a dozen people and a few faces I knew.

The waze sat nav app has also improved as of tonight it now has a road closure option to help other users if a road is closed you mark it and helps other users be diverted around it, just about perfect now and they do listen to what people say.

Tomorrow we probably be off in the other direction to finish some more or complete more of the series.