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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Waze navigation

I've been using waze which is available for most phones for over a year now. I prefer it to tomtom which I have too, the only thing I use my tomtom for these days is for caching as I can store caches on it, something I can't do on waze yet.

However in the last few days I have been doing tons of editing to improve the maps locally so it's more accurate and reliable. Luckily it's only been minor issues I've had to deal with.

There has been one thing I noticed, while I zoom out on the maps I can see all map errors marked, but can't see speed cameras awaiting approval till I zoom right in, which gives me this idea, if you mark a missing camera add a map error note straight after marking the camera and I and other volunteer map editors can spit it quickly and approve it. If you find a nap error, write a note then we can try and solve it quicker too.