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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Red barn lambourn

Out today with frodo doing the 6.25 mile red barn series with a few letterbox caches on route.

Although the route was muddy in places it was a lovely day, bumping into a few people on route like Mixta and following 8paws4legs around. Even through we missed a couple of bonus answers we soon found the bonus after cleverly playing with what we had, can't figure out how I missed the missing bonus maybe I forgot to look.

We then went on to get three letter boxes as drive bys after the walk and on our way to the last one found part of lambourn under water.

So nearly 30 for the day and doubles my finds for the year so far. Hopefully now the weather is getting better and new caches going out it could get to the stage I'm out again more often without the long travelling and long days I was doing last year.

I did wonder considering its the home of racing and many of these multimillionaire horse owners and trainers live in this village that they don't do more to keeping the bridle ways in better condition instead of the muddy and lack of track caused by 4x4 s and horses?

So big thank you to the cache owners for placing them out and a lovely afternoon.