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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Furbys operation

I managed to purchase a sick furby who had lost his voice box off eBay, so today carefully operated on him.

It was as suspected his voice box had gone and after carefully rewiring I now have two wires leaving him that can be connected to a new voice box aka a speaker. Plugged into my speaker he suddenly spoke "I'm cocoa" geez it made me jump.

The next was to find a way to get him to move and dance when a tweet comes through, this was solved using the reset button. If its connected to N/O on the relay then it should keep him still and when relay is hit with a command from the pi I will have 5 seconds of movement from him as he comes out of reset mode making him look like he has read a tweet out.

So furby recovering well, now to sort outthe coding that I'm struggling with so soon should be there.