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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Washing car without water

I've used this stuff before but recently bought one by a company called grease lightning. It's a spray on wipe off car cleaner and wax.

At first I thought ouch all that scratching, but if you know how to use it properly then it won't scratch and a large car can be done in twenty minutes, saving having to get buckets of water out, packing and unpacking the hose and all the other things that come with the old way of washing a car.

So how do I do it? Easy. I start from the top of the car, then the top half of the doors spraying the bottom sections to allow the juice to do its work and work a panel at a time. Spraying the micro fibre cloth so it's damp I do a light wipe across then move the cloth round to another clean section of cloth and another wipe. It takes about twenty minutes and you can do windows too and your car beads in the wet when it rains.

Don't press hard on the surface as this will push the dirt in and will scratch the paint work. Use plenty of micro fibres a few to clean the car and a couple for polishing at the end, lightly wiping the surface, I'm so pleased with it that I keep the bottle in the car with clothes and can easily get the car done on my tea break at work.

So next time you see my car you will see that it's pretty clean as its so quick and simply that there is no excuse for a dirty car.