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Sunday, 24 February 2013 now live

Today pideas went live, its been started up by a student called Ryan Walmsley who kindly gave me a chance to enter my twitter furby project early before the site went live, however i had a few problems in getting it published so waited till the site went live and published it then. At the moment there are four projects including my own for the raspberry pi, but i have done another write up waiting for moderation before that will be added and have also had ideas for another project thanks to one ive seen already called twitter letterbox. So if you have a raspberry pi and dont have any ideas of a project to do or you have made tons of projects that you would like to share with other like minded people then pop over to and sign up. Once signed up you can submit your project for moderation before its published for the world to see. All thats left to say is tell your friends and family and remember to mention the site in your posts as well as raspberryjam meets.