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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Pop flash bang

Went the transformer for my tv project, so I took the transformer apart a 2amp 240 to 12v made in china.

The big blue resistor was totally destroyed however everything else salvageable. So out with my psu project and wired up the tv to the 12v on there. From this I can power a couple of dozen pi s as well as a few other bits in bobs and if I sit my pi next to it I have a nice cool air supply blowing over it, result.

Still not sure what even caused the transformer to go as the tv doesn't draw in much amps and had worked fine up till now and was never hot.

Although using a psu designed for a pc is slightly over kill, it does mean that I should not see many problems of lack of amps as this is designed to give out up to 26 amps and it has two 12v to 5v 3amp converters plus another 12v lead running just as a 12v lead for the pitv.

I've ordered some more bits in bobs today including another voltage step down and some magnetic reed switches for another project.