Saturday, 26 April 2014

Truly portable pi

Whilst many will see from my blogs that I can take a usb device on holiday with a travel 5v screen I hacked, it dawned on me could I make the cyntech raspberry usb, or for that any usb powered hub powered without the mains?

After getting the size for the socket I purchased a 5mm socket, found an old usb lead that I then hacked down before soldering the wires to make them stronger.

Once soldered I screw them into place noting positive and negative and then carefully protected the end with electrical tape.

I can now plug this from my usb powerbank to the cyntech raspberry hub which can then power my pi and provide enough power and usb sockets for a wifi dongle (to connect to a 3G mifi) keyboard/mouse and the 5v tv I hacked with a usb lead for power and run this say in my tent whilst camping or on a picnic bench in the park.

I also in the car and written up on my cacheberry pi blog a ubec down to 5v 3amp converter that I added a cigarette plug to and has a usb socket so I can also use that to power the hub whilst in the car, truly portably pi.

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