Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Nightcam wildlife cam update

Thanks to @badger_cam for the twitter chat last night.  I came across @badger_cam while looking for something else and got to see some great images taken with a raspberry pi. Whilst I've made mine to be a 10 second (or how long I predefined) long clip he records live and then screenshots anything of interest.

Here is one of the pics from @badger_cam

After a long chat and exchanging ideas I discovered (and cannot believe I missed the obvious) that I could waterproof the pi case more using gaffa tape.  So after carefully pealing off the camo cloth I have encased the whole case in gaffa tape with only a small hole for sensor, camera and access to power plus sd card.  Hopefully now the pi will be more weather resistant, not that I plan to stick it out in a storm, more to the fact if it gets caught in one will it be more protected now? Thank you @badger_cam

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