Monday, 21 April 2014

Pibot continued

Since the last blog post I thought I do an update.

After breaking the lid on the zumo I had to do some major gorilla gluing to hold the motors in place, I also glued on a battery pack which wasn't my first or second choice but was flat and is reliable but slightly heavy due to it containing a couple of 18650 lithium batteries. I then glued the little British robot company base to the top of the battery before connecting up the motor wires and power wires to the 4tronixs MicRoCon board.

I also needed to put the line follows lower and after finishing this I got some red electrical tape to tidy up the wires and to tidy up anything exposed like wires or glued bits and here is the finished results.

Next up is to use some scripts on the dawn robotics site so I can control the robot over the web and view the web cam.

I might also go for a bigger chassis and motors to take the weight or even just a bigger chassis with webcam and pi and keep the weight down but able to move easily. The good thing about the current model is that it doesn't tip as the weight is equal and I've kept the weight to the lowest point possible so it cannot tip over.

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