Monday 21 April 2014

How to put a RTK 000-001 motor control board together

Starting with the sealed packet I got everything out and sorted everything out ready for soldering with a thin tipped 30watt soldering iron and lead free solder.  If you don't know how to solder I suggest learning first.

With all the bits out I can see what I'm up against, from past experience I want to put the extended gpio header on first as this is difficult to solder at the end with all the other parts in the way. A standard header is generally easier to do at the end. 

Once soldered I add the chip holder keeping the indent towards j2 and j3, same for when placing the chip in it find the indent and ensure it goes same end.

Take your time and solder carefully and it should look just as pretty.

Next was the extra pin heads I found placing them in and using blue tack to hold them in place before flipping it over like the above picture stops it moving or falling out, then just solder into place.

Next are the three blue motor and power connectors, have the wire inserts facing outwards for easier connecting and disconnecting, these sit in the board well so no worries of these falling out and that's the soldering side of things done.

To add the chip you will need to carefully bend in the legs but a couple of degrees so when you push it into the chip holder it pops in.  Please be careful as it doesn't need forcing in and if placed forcefully will break or bend the legs or worse still short the board.

This is what you should end up with.

Now go enjoy.

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