Sunday, 27 April 2014

Gpio cards

I decided today to try these out using Daniels berryio from his neon horizon github.

Having both the 4tronix traffic light gpio card and a raspberry jamboree card designed by minigirlgeek I decided to see for myself what they were like.

Firstly I connected the 4tronix one to the gpio pins, this one has three LEDs and the pins marked up with PIN number and pin name which is good if using with a project to decipher the pins.

As you can see it uses pins 4, 17 and 18.

Ideal for a traffic light system and very cheap.

Next up the jamboree gpio card by miniigeekgirl although pins not as detailed as the 4tronix one it still does the job well, it's also red and shaped like a raspberry.

This one only uses two LEDs or three if you include power, but so this is easy to understand we will just say two. One is on pin 11 (gpio 17) and the other on pin 12 (gpio 18). The two white LEDs are very bright, in fact blinding compared to the 4tronix one.

Projects I can think of would be to light up or blink the number of unread emails or tweets or simple notifiers.

Now you probably wondering which one to pick but it's not that simple.  Both boards are excellent and there isn't no way you can choose the 4tronix has three LEDs in three colours to work with and the jamboree one two bright LEDs and a cute raspberry shape, by picking either you can't go wrong.

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