Sunday, 27 April 2014


I recently bought one of these after seeing the potential it had.  First thoughts was its colourful and well placed out, it reminded me of berry clip but has much more including four inputs and four outputs along with the obvious three LEDs, one button and a buzzer.  But that's not all it has a usb a power socket to run the board and pi, but do not plug power to both unless you really want a magic smoke show and no working device.

On the packet was the web address of on visiting the link I was greeted with some code to try including how to make a burglar alarm including for gruffalos.  

The LEDs were bright and buzzer noisy enough to hear but not enough to annoy parents.

I've already seen a couple of projects with one of these and already learned you can run a robot with it.

So what do I think? Well for starters it comes already built so you know it will work.  It has an option to add pins to the scl and sad aka i2c.  The board is well thought out, colourful and obvious. It's in the pocket money category so isn't expensive and would be a great board for all sorts of levels from beginners to expert, a board that can progress as you do.

Scratch is also available for it via a link on the site to Simons scratchgpio a click and grab programming utility which works with gpio pins.

I'm certainly will be watching this one with interest as I can see many projects using this soon and also at raspberry jam workshops, clearly a worth buying add on.

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