Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Wireless controlling and communicating

For Christmas my partner bought me a raswik from ciseco a company in Nottingham that makes and sells electronic stuff for the raspberry pi and other stuff.

The package comes with over 80 bits including LEDs, resistors, breadboard, buttons, the wireless shield for pi and the other wireless bit that can sit somewhere else in your home (up to 100m away).

The instructions were obtainable through their website which consisted of 38 pages at time of printing.

I was soon able to make LEDs flash within minutes with all the software on the sd card. It would be great to see some more projects from the more abled programmers, but the biggest plus about this package is that unlike the gertboard and gertduino is I was able to get started with it with easy to follow instructions. Granted £50 is a lot of money (nearly the cost of two pi s) but out of all the add on boards I see this being the most useful as something like this with great instructions that anyone can follow.

There will be some more add on a for this kit soon according to the team at ciseco so I will be looking forward to trying them out.

Further projects I can see is wireless control of relay boards, sensors to detect people and even the control of lights or other electronics around the house, in fact I think the skies the limit with it.

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