Monday, 13 January 2014

My top five projects in recent months

Realising I've made some pretty good projects and things over the pass few weeks I thought I would do a run down.

5.  Oled display on pi. this showing how to set up an oled display from adafruit on a raspberry pi

4.  Lcd weather display. this was firstly a lcd made following andypi s instructions to making and wiring the display and using bbc weather for the weather updates.

3.  Adafruit tft touchscreen for pi. soldering together a touchscreen and set it up for raspberry pi

2.  Raspberry pi sat nav using an adafruot tft touchscreen I was able to add sat nav to it using a usb gps and navit.

And my number one project so far this year:

Cacheberrypi geocaching device also took the most time to make and most proud, had over 1000 hits in less than a week along with interest from various magazines and Internet sites.

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