Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My adventures spread international

While I hoped I would hit 2k views on my cache berry pi, it was my raspi sat nav that took me by surprise and actually overtook cacheberry and my tv project bringing in views from nearly every country in the world and tons of retweets and reports, including adafruit.

My latest post on fixing a broken sd card socket I thought would be even more popular but wasn't, however it has been quite popular appearing on many foreign raspberry pi sites including this one:

Using a translate program I got this:

As we all well know, when we introduce the SD card in the Raspberry Pi, this is part of it out of the slot. This is a problem since any punch or Raspberry IP fall to the ground, can cause breakage of the slot where the SD card is inserted. At this point you have two options: or buy another Raspberry Pi (currently are not things to go shopping every few minutes), another option is to replace ourselves the slot with a bit of skill.
Paul Brown has written a tutorial to repair the SD card slot clean and cheap. The price of a new slot is 3 lbs and just need a bit of welding and reading this tutorial.

Hopefully as this blog becomes more and more popular I will have more and more projects to blog along with reviews of new products and other raspberry pi stuff.

Thanks to all my loyal followers and everyone who has helped to make my blog successful.

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