Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Pi-Die module from 4tronix

AThis week if recieved the wonderful Pi-Die module from the guys at I wasn't expecting it and was quite suprised to get one. So after thanking them on twitter I got to work soldering it and about 10 minutes later ready for action.

There is already a traffic light module and simon says for scratch and so far I can think of lots of possibilities like an Internet radio/mp3 controller or even to control things over the Internet (Internet of things).

The 9 LEDs could also be used to signal tweets, Facebook notifications and even email or just set up the LEDs to twinkle at night like a night light.

This is a rather sturdy design with decent buttons, however I have no info on pricing or shipping yet but I'm sure the guys at @4tronix_uk will be more than happy to tell you, just don't forget to mention my blog smstext.

Well done guys

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