Thursday, 9 January 2014

Adafruit raspberry tft

I purchased from pimoroni in the uk a specialist raspberry pi online shop and adafruit uk stockist a adafruit 2.8" raspberry pi tft touch screen 320x200 16 bit.

It didn't take me long to build and even with the sticky pads not holding the screen in place (gorilla glue will solve this minor niggle) I was left just to get it working.
Had mix results using my favourite and well used raspbian image and was left in the end to pick an sd card that I hadn't written on with a sharpie and hoping that didn't have any important projects on to Install raspbian from back in May 2013.

Raspberrypiguy1 on twitter has done a video on setting it up but couldn't find it at the time, so quick google and the likely suspect of come up and followed their quick and easy setup. By quick I mean this time I didn't sit there for hours copying by hand, I just ssh'd into it from a windows pc with putty and pasted the stuff in and was running in about an hour.

Have even installed rhythm box and mplayer onto it along with the open source film buck bunny, I'm hoping with this screen I can build it into a car multimedia centre (so if you know of any post it below) yes it's something that you see a lot but till a 7" screen that's touchscreen and is cheap enough comes around this will be a good starter.

I will be getting a hdmi to 3.5mm jack as I want to do the sound that way as the 3.5mm jack on pi always seems to go off on one for some reason, so after yet another google it seemed to be a recommendation many have made.

I have a big external hdd to play with to add music to,but ideally I will be looking for something small and cheap for portability and to hide away in the car.

If you feel you can add to this blog then please do so below, also if you like the blog or any of the other blogs like cacheberry pi, please could you click an ad or two as every penny earnt from them (which is very little)will pay for future projects that I can share with you.

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