Sunday, 26 January 2014

Geocaching at box quarry

Back out at box today with bear claws, amaytom, lotc and haforn. Been to these caves quite a few times and each time we discover more new places within.

But after a few problems last time the previous cache owner came round with us to give us pointers and to try figure out where we had gone wrong. He showed us many interesting facts and places within the caves as well as witnessing us solving the earth caches.

As expected is was wet and very muddy and obviously dark as you can see from the picture.

Another great day out where I became exhausted and rather achy by the time I got home with lots of muscle pains from cramp and muscle pulls. But all worth it for a great day.

This picture is of cathedral where they use to lift the rocks out of, must admit I love this part of the caves and another crane up the slope.

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