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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Wild West part one the 5/5s and the Wild West caches

Off to Wild West, whilst not much caching on the Thursday we teamed up with jjm65 and footloose and frodo to go 5/5ing as we were only an hour from Exeter.

First cache was hidden well and spotted by Jacqui, I was prepared to get up there and search for it but after it was spotted I used my gear whilst they went back to the car to get their own gear. Cache signed by us all final hurdle being the first of the day. Even through on a tight time run we planned 5 5/5 s for the afternoon. The next one the tide was in so I got down, well most of the way on rope then climbed the rest unaided but couldn't get to the cache even through we could see it. The rope was just that bit short to get it from above and climbing from below encouraged the erosion so a safety call was called so left as no cache is worth killing yourself on.

We then skipped the next planned one and headed to north Exeter to get king of the swingers. The sign with info had been vandalised but once with some drinks in hand we found the information elsewhere and informed the pub what we were doing. Problem here was the amount of attention, whilst the cache can't get muggled we were able to introduce people to Geocaching explaining it was an extreme cache thus the equipment.  

Lastly we moved onto carpe cache, we had to solve the stereo gram to get first co ords and once here we took it in turns to go up with Jacqui bring quite quick for a beginner. Although she can't claim it till she has another 28 5/5s a reviewer said that such a requirement no longer stands and as she had signed the logbook she could claim it hmmmm.

Anyhow we were under attack from the pesky ants. These were huge red ones biting us and covering everything with themselves. We moved hastily to the next stage where we found the huge cache and was one of the biggest I've found. However these David Attenborough against red ants were infesting gz too, so  we didn't spend to long here, but our third successful 5/5 of the day. For the cache owner I have over 100 5/5 finds and was the first Geocacher to find 100 5/5 s and have featured in podcasts and the Geocaching mag. Footloose is on around 40 now so hope that info helps.

Saturday we did the new wildwest ring which was a pleasant walk with some good hides and the ones at the beach with one being very good, must remember to email the owners as I must have that as a cache ;)

This afternoon as I write this I'm watching the Vulcan bomber flying around in the distance for the nearby airshow.