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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Rosie's cache

After updating all caches I've found I decided to see where the four tb s were for the above cache.

Way land smithy, ridgeway at chain hill, hendred and chilton. 

So I decided to get the west ones first as if I ran out of time I could get the other two on the way to work.

At way land like with all of them it came back to me where the cache was. Ask me to describe it before going and I can never remember but as I pass a cache I can say there's a cache there.  

So with first one down I moved on to chain hill and after a walk found the cache, slightly further away to where I originally found it, call it the cachers dance as the cache slightly moves and moves over time.

Now getting dark and with two, yes two tb s I had already worked out the location but thought sod it lets attempt them all. Over to hendred and another quick find, all going well till the last one which had already gone.

Looking at what I had and where I had already plotted the cache to be I was only 100 ft out and still missing vital co ords so off to lambourn and armed with the clue I could see two likely spots, first no didn't look right next I was basically on top of it in the dark and there was the stump. A rummage around and it was in hand. :) so pleased as I didn't really want to go home empty handed.

However as I drove home I thought, what if one or even all of the tbs ended up in 5/5 caches? Surely then as you have been to four 5/5 caches that this one should be class the same? As many others around the country are for this reason? Let me know your thoughts

Thank you Lorraine for another great cache.