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Monday, 24 June 2013

Oxford canoe 5/5 conquered (without a boat)

I noticed this one recently a 5/5 cache in Oxford the owner claiming he thinks he has found a cache truely a canoe only. Well that's a challenge I like.

So we turned up to gz inflatable kayak in car and ropes so I had a quick look and set the ropes up, once under the bridge I came back up to slightly reposition the ropes and swung back under, very close to the water trying to avoid rope from getting wet. Using the underneath pipes I was able to position myself to within the cache and soon popped back out with it. Frodo enjoyed a swim and footloose had to try and replace it, after nearly losing it in the water I returned below to place it back where we found it. Thank you cache owner for the challenge.

Next we did some drivebys in sunning well and as we were not to fussed just picked and chose what we would and wouldn't do, dropping a tb off and picking one up too.

Another great afternoon many thanks