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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Tarot card series

Out today at Sherborne doing kryfto s new series of 30 caches 9 miles. One dnf, one ftf near a bridge and 30 finds including a multi.

Near to Sherborne there was torrential rain but once parked at the church it stopped only to start up a mile into the walk. With much of the countryside at waist height it didn't take long for the waterproof trousers to soak through, even through my at surplus waterproof top did much better, my boots with holes lasting out till the last mile. It was only the second part that weather got better but only temporarily before the deluge returned.

So with not seeing anyone else out me and frodo carried on finding some great containers including a mouse and hand grenade. There was even a w c with a creature sat in it. Certainly a lot of time and money spent by the cache owner.

Although Wiltshire county councils footpath signs seemed to at times be non existent we still managed to get round, even after falling down a rabbits hole along the verge of the main road near the end.

Thanks to the cache owner on a great series.

Ps frodo did find a ball near the end

A cache should go up there ;)

A nice hide