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Friday, 28 June 2013

Shopping and caching

Couple today including one which I dnf'd but walked straight to today. The co ords took me 10m further and bingo.

Next was tesco s where we decided to use the handheld scanner, certainly quicker at the till and you can see the shopping bill as you get the shopping.

Whilst in tescos I decided to get some sudafed, nasal spray and ear drops as I'm suffering ear problems again.

This time I bought the ear drops that come with the ball so I could wash my ears out and even through ear buds and tissues showed my ears clean, one ear kicked out a fair bit of crap, no doubt from caching.  So now I need to use the drops for a few days and hopefully the sudafed and nasal spray will clear the tubes from my nose to behind the ear drums so that my hearing comes back and not feel like I'm underwater.

Whilst at the chemist I noticed they were selling e cigarettes, prices seem much cheaper these days with a disposable one that should last longer than a pack of twenty fags for less than the price of a pack, maybe now more people will switch.