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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Wild West part 2

The caches today (saturday)was signed as team 4sum as the ladies, footloose, jmj65 and Phoenix flame out voted me and frodo being frodo was happy with anything. My favourite cache the beast is still in my mind, will be trying to make a similar one for around here. 

The wildwest evening was made up of a huge raffle, the red arrows flying over and lots of drinking. Even the turn up of someone who has made my life hell didn't ruin things when other cachers said they would stand up for me should they start.

Over night the wind took up and the rain started and by morning we started operation evac chucking our kit in the car and downing our tent in record time. We moved on to our friends tent next, this nearly took us for a fly as the wind took hold of it damaging the poles. Next was the group next to us the Somerset smurfs. After we helped here we found my car battery flat as the heater had been on whilst we been loading the car. My car for some reason sets the alarm after a door closes and has return home lights that means every time I unset the alarm the front lights come on. Whilst this is good for night time to find the car, not very good for camping as it drains the battery. However I was lucky as roo had some jump leads.

Next up on operation evac was moo and Keith from the teddies who we helped too.

After a bacon sarnie at the brunch we made our way home via go outdoors to replace my sleeping bag which the zip broke on, get Angela a new one and ended up getting new camp beds for next trip along with replacement guy rope tighteners after two broke from the wind last night.

Now at home we are drained, what a great weekend.  Thank you to sue and John for organising an excellent weekend, lots of hardwork and despise the weather we all enjoyed it, many thanks.