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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Geocaching woes

Today we went back to two dnf s the first was correct and after twenty minutes searching soon had it in hand. The second took us past a chapel that I never knew existed in Hagbourne and then the cache straight to hand, turns out the second one I had worked out wrong. 

We then popped over to steventon to do the series there. The first one sent us to the middle of a field, with no finds. Taking a permissive footpath out through Milton to the golf club we got stopped by a man shooting pigeons telling me it was actually private and the land had been sold recently. So back into Milton for a long walk around 1066 and rejoined it by sewage works where again we couldn't find the correct path and had to make our own path.  After this we were soon back to golf course dead end and found it. Pigeon shooter gone we followed the os map and could see it took us out to the nature or millenium park bit but soon ended up on a private road around the back of the golf course not happy we trundled on and eventually at the last but one found us close to someone's property to get one under a pipe.

Now I understand that often cache owners spend lots of time and money on series, but this one felt like no thought had gone into it as such just a case of there isn't a cache for a tenth of a mile better put one here, so rather than being chilled and relaxed I found myself annoyed compared to the two in Hagbourne which had been thought out.

However my other dpm camo jacket got a try out today along with another pair ofbootswhich both kept me dry so happy on that front.