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Saturday, 3 August 2013


Arrrrrrrrrr last weekend it was piratemania  so me and frodo went for one night and day. Not really up to it after the recent deaths of friends and colleagues I however went but found it emotionally difficult. Whilst there were many new caches and some good quick drive by caches we didn't participate in to much of the shanaghans after queuing for and hour and half for a jerk chicken meal that really did dampen things and then the storm so me and frodo went back to the tent.

The following morning we got penned in as race for life was on and all roads leaving the campsite had been closed for it. But then we were in no rush as we had to dry the tent porch that was under an niche of water which had come in under the canvas during the night, but sleeping compartment was well dry.  At least we now know the high gear tent which was about twenty quid can survive a night of tropical storms.