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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Lockinge kiln cache

The on going saga on this cache, its not a 5/5 if you have experienced 5/5 caches but its not easy either but challenging.

Whilst one cacher blantently slagged off the cache and sent me abusive emails he made it clear it should be lowly graded and from chats with other extreme cachers found he had annoyed enough extreme cache setters that they have lowered 5/5 ratings to something less? Why seems pointless going for 5/5 caches if you telling the owners and getting abusive to that it should be rated less.

So today I get the following from another cacher:

How is Lockinge kiln not a 5/5? Stood at gz now and there is not a chance of me getting down. And out without equipment.

Well let me explain its not difficult you can see the cache in sight. Yes it's down a 2-3 metre shaft but its not hard to get thus why it isn't a 5/5 although those who haven't done 5/5s will think it is and I've seen some 5/5 s that are up an embankment and shouldn't really be more than a 2/3 rating.

For my fellow blog readers I will tell you three ways you can get the cache. 1. Rope climbing gear 2. Ladder (telescopic ones are good and about 30 quid) or 3. A net on a cane stick or some scoop tied to one of the long branches that are lying around nearby (notice I didn't remove them so it gives cachers available equipment if they choose to think out of the box) ;).

I know a retired school teacher is going out to it soon and can't climb, won't be carrying a ladder so will leave one option left ;) we will see.

Don't forget also have a walk around the site it's quite a nice place that many locals don't even know exists.